Embedding the Specify font in Flash

1.Go to the Library and right click or choose the New Font,pop will appear on clicking the new font in this popup we can choose which font to embedding into flash give the size of the font,click the linkage Export for AS,Export in frame1 and finaly give the Identifier name for choosing font.For example give the Identifier name as myfont

2. Goto the actionscript panel paste the following codes.,
style = new Textformat();
style.font =”myfont”;

// create the dynamic text field and give the instance name for the text field,

For example we give the textfield instance name as txt


3. Finally we go Timeline choose the dynamic textfield,go to the properties panel & click the Character Embedding,one pop will come in there we choose the UpperCase[A..Z] & LowerCase[a..z] click ok

4.Test the movie in various system,font will be embed into flash.


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