How to promote your website

Everybody wants to rank highly in the place where search engines have the greatest credibility value – the unpaid listings. What’s needed to gain high visibility here for your website? Why should you entrust your SEO project to SEO-Simple? What factors make us special, more professional and better than other SEO teams? The best way to answer is by describing our approach, without making comment on whether others perform well or poorly.
Steps in SEO
Of the many ways to promote your website, one of the most important is being listed in a search engine’s free listings. In professional terms this is called SEO. Our team works closely with you to ensure that your website performs well in organic search results, by taking these steps:

Data Collection – During the first stage, we collect information about your website and those of your competitors (not necessarily direct competitors). We also interview you and your webmaster, study your website statistics and establish where your website stands within your direct Internet environment. These inputs give us the insights to decide what action needs to be taken.

Keyword Research – The second stage is an intensive research process that delivers a list of keywords (which can comprise a 3-4 word set), out of which we make the most appropriate choice for your business. These keywords then serve as the cornerstone for our SEO activities. Usually, up to three keywords can be used to promote a single web page. Should you wish to appear at the top of the search engine results for 50 different keywords, bear in mind that you’ll need to promote between 20-45 different web pages.

Optimization – The optimization stage is when all the knowledge comes together, to prepare each of your web pages for maximum search engine responsiveness. We’ll check various parameters of your website: the structure, the content, how well the whole website meets search engine guidelines and more. At the end of the process, each of your web pages will be well matched for the search robots of the major engines.

Submission –
We ensure that the search engines are updates about the latest information within your website. We also submit your website to important web indexes and directories. It is quite astounding how effective a proper, well-prepared submission can be!

Linking and Google – Google is a main target for everyone on the Web. One of the most important parameters for reaching a high ranking here is the quality of the inbound links from other sites to your own website and to your defined business environment. We’ll set up a mechanism that prompts other sites to link to yours. This mechanism is not our own invention; however we like to think that we have greater skills than others in applying it. In addition, we apply our system for tracking quality links that keeps proving itself, day by day. Remember, it’s not just the quantity of links that counts but their quality too. Note that we totally avoid using link farms or sites that deal with free link exchange.


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