CSS Background Images

body {
background: white url(images/bg.gif) no-repeat top right;

This amalgamates these properties:

* background-color, which we have come across before.
* background-image, which is the location of the image itself.
* background-repeat, which is how the image repeats itself. This can be repeat (equivalent to a ’tile’ effect across the whole background), repeat-y (repeating on the ‘y-axis’, above and below), repeat-x (repeating on the ‘x-axis’, side-by-side) or no-repeat (which shows just one instance of the image).
* background-position, which can be top, center, bottom, left, right or any sensible combination, such as above.


2 thoughts on “CSS Background Images

  1. Try to use WordPress

    body { font-size: x-small; }

    when writing code, it looks very nice.

    Also instead of top right I would suggest top center for no other reason other then that it will degrade well when the screen is shrunk, by keeping your name which is usually in the center still visible.

    Also you can place units instead of top left right center.


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